About Us

Established as part of the Wilbridge Group in 2015, Wilbridge Homes is a residential development company making an impact across London and the home counties providing only the highest energy efficient new homes. Using precision engineered sustainable build methods and technology usually only adopted by independent self-builders, we strive to bring low-energy homes to all budgets.


Land Sourcing & Acquisition



Our Story

Wilbridge Homes is a residential development company operating in South London and the home counties. We specialise in identifying land opportunities, securing planning consent and developing each site to deliver significant returns on investment harnessing the latest global innovations in sustainability.

Our commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of technology and practice sees that our business and funding strategies are as intuitively designed and executed as our unique standard specification developments; establishing new ways of maximising returns & energy efficiency without sacrificing value or quality.

This innovation remains at the core of Wilbridge Homes; from our community consultation strategies when securing planning permissions, through to continuing research into sustainable building and energy solutions.



Central to our strategy of delivering such homes is the identification of sites in Outer London and the home counties targetting developments of 5 to 50 homes with prices from £250,000 to £1m. Our homes provide superior utility and comfort to residents as well as the low ownerships costs of a truly energy efficient build.  Learn more about our build methods and standard home specification on our sustainability page.

Our Mission

Wilbridge Homes offers high quality, exceptionally designed energy efficient homes accessible to all. We are among few UK housebuilders operating within our own strict standards above and beyond minimum government requirements for new builds both in terms of energy efficiency and living space.


Our design & sustainability go hand in hand, hailing from North American and European influences to provide the highest energy efficiency & high-utility living spaces whilst respecting tradition and surroundings.


Lower environmental impact. Lower cost of ownership. Higher quality of living.


Part of the Wilbridge Group of companies.

What We Do

Wilbridge is responsible for all aspects of its developments from land procurement and acquisition, planning, design and build through to sales and asset management.

The high thermal rating of our sustainably built homes coupled with MVHR and Heat Pump sees our homes save between 75% and 90% on energy bills per year.

Separate to our development, our Wilbridge Properties company offers a home buying service in London or Surrey! Get in touch today to arrange a free, no-obligation appraisal


From our administrative operations to our developments, we constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and build new partnerships with sustainability businesses who will take us into the future. Wilbridge Group has recently invested in making all divisions including Wilbridge Homes paperless and our satellite offices are entirely powered by renewable energy providers.

We are always on the look out for new ways of delivering state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious developments and welcome being approached by innovative sustainability businesses; both well established and startup.

If you would like to contact us with a proposal, please use the form below, or email us at team@wilbridgehomes.com